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CBT – Techniques and Treatments Used by Therapists

CBT therapist break down the problems into 5 sections – thoughts, feelings, situations, actions, body language. A CBT therapist will take a specific situation and then get you to talk about your thoughts, feelings and actions in that situation. Based on that, the therapist will suggest alternate thoughts or actions that can be employed if the same situation arises.

Most often, as a first step, you will work together on the thoughts, then, usually, therapists suggest exposure therapy, i.e. putting yourself in the situation that causes distress, only this time, in a controlled environment and for a short period of time.

Efficiency Improvement With Dyanmic NAV

Dynamic NAV ERP system, brings together all of the business functions, financial solution  under one single platform. By incorporating all attributes, from raw material and manpower to sales & distribution and marketing, it consolidates all numbers that the business leaders need to make decisions on a daily basis. Ease of reporting and tracking of historical numbers makes financial planning practical, managerial decisions much more accurate and actions easy to implement and track.